Different category of rooms are provided with respect to the kind of state. Spacious and provided with amenities along with the perfect natural ambience that can be a mesmerizing aspects with respect to stay.

Banquet Hall

To make sure that occasions are very well celebrated a good banquet hall is provided by destiny bay. This will bring in the source of celebrating the occasions and events on a large scale and can make memories with the elements that are scattered.

Fine Dining

Fine dining prospect is highlighted by destiny bay as a part of which the different categories of spending time with family and friends can be fostered. The destiny bay brings in different kinds of delicious recipes along with the continental styles that will match the kind of time that is spent.

Swimming Pool

To provide a great time for deep kids and elders together a good spacious swimming pool is provided by destiny bay. This will bring in the poolside stay along with the great times spent with family and the beloved.

Day Package

The day packages comes along with the check-ins that are fostered in a day. Based on the kind of stay that is provided during the day the essentials will be customized and the packages will be decided

Rain Dance

To provide the greatest entertainment the rain dance criteria is set up by destiny bay where people can have the best experience that is gained.

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